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We are a US leading global communications marketing firm, enhanced by more than a hundred of talented employees. They are connecting, informing and creating inspiring work. We re-evaluate brands to broaden awareness, improve their global positioning and reconnect them with end-customers.


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Led by few seasoned advertising industry pros, our agency delivers innovative solutions across all the mediums available nowadays. We offer services related to advertising media, marketing, partnerships, interactive, creative, content, insights, and campaign management, with a time and efficiency proven record.


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Over all those years, we’ve designed and implemented some of the most iconic and now industry-standard digital business solutions and interactive advertising campaigns in the world. We’re humbled to say this experience has made you stronger and earned us a unique perspective for the work we do today.


We Love Challenges!

Our ultimate goal and passion are about helping brands to meet the ever-shifting needs of communities and cultures. To develop a strategic vision that can navigate existing and upcoming consumer journeys. To challenge conformity. And to completely re-imagine the experiences through which people will connect.

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Without this team of advertising professionals, there would be no 12 HDJ awards or accolades by dozens of happy clients!

Oscar Flint
Oscar Flint
Director - Socio
Tavo Chirivella
Tavo Chirivella
Director Creativo
15 años de experiencia en producción audiovisual, diseño y animación, atendiendo proyectos de organizaciones como Naciones Unidas (FAO, PNUD, ACNUR, OIM), Panasonic, Nike, Air Panamá, Heineken, MSD, Hutchinson Ports Company, Hias, RET internacional, Konrad Adenauer, Canal de Panamá, Amway, gobiernos de Panamá, Venezuela y Brasil, Medcom, NextTV, Telemetro. Su versatilidad en el uso de software y hardware para la producción y post producción de contenidos creativos digitales lo ha llevado a incursionar en el desarrollo de experiencias virtuales (VR, AR). Contacto: Celular | Whatsapp: +50762587117 | Email: tavochirivella@gmail.com | Instagram: @TavoChirivella
Técnicos Audiovisuales
Así como ellos, contamos con diversos especialistas que nos colaboran en áreas de edición de video, ilustración, animación, locución y otras ramas audiovisuales, para atender los proyectos más exigentes.


Having helped to increase the sales for dozens of companies so far, many of our clients wrote nice reviews!

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Over the years we’ve taken hundreds of projects, succeeding in every single one of those!

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